Pulsed Light Can Sing To Your Cells

Do you have light singing to your cells everyday? These researches say harmonic resonances can reprogram the fate of your health.  Pulsed light is a wonderful way to deliver harmonic resonance to your whole biofield.  Want to reprogram gene expression, activate natural repairing abilities, counteract cellular aging processes? Shine with Harmonic Light.
(Remember light is electromagnetic energy, or EMF in a good way here.) “In this review, we will provide evidence that, from the cellular level to the whole organism, every signaling event is fashioned by rhythms—as vibratory patterns—and that synchronization of coupled oscillators and dynamical systems is a crucial issue in the orchestration of essential processes of life. We will show that changes in the rhythms and modes of interaction of subcellular oscillators can result in remarkable modulation of gene expression and cellular dynamics, playing an essential role in states of wellness and disease. Within this context, we will discuss the use of EMFs and sound energy as tools for restoring healthy cellular dynamics, reprogramming DNA structure, and eliciting self-healing mechanisms. We will highlight how EMFs and sound energies can “sing” with stem cells, and even with non-stem-adult somatic cells to reprogram cell gene expression and fate, activate natural repairing abilities, and counteract cellular aging processes, paving the way toward unprecedented strategies of regenerative medicine.”  Read the whole article here  https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.7453/gahmj.2014.008


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