Harmonic Frequencies of Nature

We love pulsing our light wavelengths to vibrational frequencies to deepen the effect of this light.   As Gary Buchanan states in his book, Sonatherapy, “Pulsed light is more penetrating and efficacious. Absorption and activation of the light take place much faster.”
Our Setting C is a series of 3:2 Pythagorean or Golden Ratio frequencies.  These frequencies are the blueprint of how energy naturally flows and are repeatedly found in minerals, architectural, medical research, in nature  and in music when the A tuning is to shifted to the original frequency of 432hz. These harmonies have been named by researchers at Stanford as part of “the most harmonic frequencies in nature.”    According to Tibetan Chakra Meditations and The Electroherbalism Frequency Manual these frequencies have been historically used to support the following experiences in the mind and body:

Here is the series of 432 harmonics that are all part of the 3:2 skein.


256 hz   Musical Note C –  Heart Chakra, Thymus, Calcium, Manganese, Boron,  Blood Pressure, Immunity, Muscle Tension, Heart Issues, Breathing Issues, Improper Cell Growth.

Relationships, Acceptance, Balance, Love

324 hz   Musical Note E – Support for Neurological Health, Hypertension, Joint Pain, Muscle Tonic, Muscular Pain & Injury.

432 hz    Musical Note  A – Crown Chakra, Pineal Gland, Magnesium, Gold, Boron, Mental Health, Vascular Health, Lymphatic System Support, Skin Imbalance Support, Upper Brain, Hair Growth, Spirituality, Bliss.

486 hz    Musical Note B –  Doubles 243 hz which offers Immune System Support

729 hz    Musical Note F# –  Solar Plexus, Pancreas, Indium, Chromium, Vanadium, Blood Sugar Balance, Digestive Support, Nervousness, Parasite Cleansing, Memory, Personal Power, Optimism.

768 hz     Musical Note G – Throat Chakra, Thyroid Gland, Iodine, Potassium, Selenium, Immunity, Tonsils, Teeth, TMJ, Speech, Hormones, Hyperactivity, Communication, Trust.

1152 hz   Musical Note D – Third Eye Chakra, Pituitary, Iridium, Molybdenum, Platinum, Vision, Sleep, Headaches, Mood Balance, Intuition, Imagination.

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