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To build a new system, start with a controller and build your way up. For holistic mind and body support we recommend having at least one pad to support the eyes, brain and nervous system, a pad for the front side of the body including the belly or heart and a pad for the back side of the body including the kidneys and adrenals. Add any targeted area pads realizing that all of our pads can be applied through the body.
Some helpful tips to remember:
The deeply penetrating wavelengths of near infrared light are present in all of our pads except our Relaxation Eye Mask and LumiClear Complexion Mask.  They help increase circulation and decrease pain. The additional color of the pad complements the near infrared light.  Typically,
  • Red light energizes and provides additional pain relief and circulation enhancement
  • Blue light cleanses and calms
  • Green Light balances


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