The Power of Remote Sessions

Annie deals with daily depression and anxiety and early morning texted me with severe symptoms of her daily episodes.  With Annie’s permission I was able to energy test what her body specifically needed.  Using muscle testing I connected to her name and age energetically and energy tested in connection with her higher self or spirit nature. I confirmed a light healing session would benefit her.  I set the program to #20 for depression/anxiety support and placed her name and her families names, even added her Fohs names, the date, her age and time of day it was. I place the paper on the lights and set them intuitively how to lay the lights and set my intention and she set her intention to receive the harmonic frequencies through light wave frequencies.   After the session was complete we communicated and she had stated that everyone fell asleep.
She was so sweet and posted this review and pictures to my social network.  – Karyn Kidd – light owner, energy practitioner.






“I have to say Karyn Marissa Kidd has taken me on this journey healing me from the inside out. I am a licensed psychotherapist who deals with my own panic attacks, anxiety and depression. While it helps me understand what my clients are going through, it is often debilitating. Layer by layer, she is healing my chakras. Her BE LIGHT work is phenomenal and she works on them with me virtually as I am in New York. This past week I had a full week of peace and love; no anxiety. As stressors arise, Karyn is available to me and helps me so quickly to release my trapped emotions and be light! I didn’t get where I am over night and the process is working so well. My body loves it and releases the toxins as it is ready. I love you Karyn. Keep up the great work! “

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