The LumiVibe Grow6

LumiVibe Grow6

Our Expandable, Integrated Delivery 6 Port System.

Standard System Includes:

  • Grow6 Controller
  • Relaxation Eye Mask
  • Red/Infrared Body Pad
  • Red/Infrared Local Pad

Exchange or add pads to customize your system

LumiVibe Grow 6 Controller

  • 6 Port Controller with Timer, Visual Display, Pause/Play
  • 10 Harmonic Frequency Mode Settings – ABC 1-7
  • Expandable – Can power up to 6 pads
  • Can be upgraded to the Pro6 controller capabilities when you are ready to grow.
  • Learn more about frequency possibilities here

Relaxation or Restoration Eye Mask

  • 98 Medical Grade Diodes
    • Relaxation Eye Mask: 49 Red 660 nm,  49 Blue 465 nm
    • Restoration Eye Mask: 27 Red 660 nm, 44 Near Infrared 830 nm and 27 Yellow/Amber 590 nm
  • Shift your nervous system from the fight or light of stress to support resting, digesting and healing
  • Designed to be placed over closed eyes but works anywhere on the body
  • Exchange for our Restoration Eye Mask for the same package price

Red/Infrared Body Pad

  • 264 Medical Grade Diodes
    • 120 Red 630 nm
    • 144 Infrared 840 nm
  • FDA Cleared for Pain Management and Circulation Improvement
  • Soft and flexible for comfort delivery throughout the body including the head, back, belly, legs, shoulder, knees and feet
  • Delivers the warm, rejuvenating power of red light
  • Delivers deep penetration near-infrared light
  • Exchange for a Blue/Infrared Body Pad or Green/Infrared Body Pad for same package price
  • Upgrade to our Super T Neuro Pad for price difference

Red/Infrared Local Pad

  • FDA Cleared to Increase Circulation and Manage Pain
  • 132 Medical Grade Diodes
    • 60 Red 630 nm
    • 72 Near-infrared 840 nm
  • Can be exchanged for a Blue/Infrared Local Pad  or Green/Infrarared Soother for the same price
  • Upgraded to a different pad for price difference
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